Lee Camp Comedy Special


– Rolling Stone

“Camp’s show is a masterclass in politically-driven comedy. Razor-sharp, witty, acerbic, and somewhat off-the-wall at times, he delivers his on-point political and social messages with the biggest dollop of humour going.”

– Steven Topple, Canary UK

“Lee Camp is a rare prophetic voice in a field of formulaic blowhards and political opportunists. His latest stand-up extravaganza showcases his unique ability to tear our political establishment to shreds, and to then smash those shreds with a righteous hammer until we see the elite forces that rule our lives in their truest form — as an utterly hilarious farce of bipartisan idiocy.”

– Max Blumenthal, Greyzone Project, Killing Gaza

“The kind of biting, up-punching, the-emperor-has-no-clothes social commentary that comedy is supposed to be.”

– Caitlin Johnstone

“incisive humor that inspires both bouts of uncontrollable laughter and moments of reflection about the country’s troubling political realities.”

– Whitney Webb, Mint Press News

“It is a clear minded and boldly spoken social critique, and it is stand up at its finest. It reminds me of something from George Carlin or Bill Hicks… It is a wake up call. It is a call to the citizens of the world to unite. It is a call to action, spoken in no uncertain terms.”

– Eddison Flame, Off-Guardian

“We need to laugh through the tears, and thankfully, there’s a Lee Camp in this world to help us.”

– Michael Salamone, Media Revolt Progressive Army